Mate Herb

For centuries, the Ilex paraguariensis plant has been used as a source of energy and vitality. For the Indians, a drink offered by the gods to strengthen the old warriors.

Mate Benefits

Let our mate inspire you

Great for
the heart
Digestive and


Founded in 1986, Indústria Ervateira Bonetes Ltda was settled in Planalto Norte Catarinense with the aim of industrializing “in natura” mate herb, transforming it into a semi-processed product.

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Pamela Gusmão Davila

Herb mate Pantanal drinker

I only use this one. I love it!

Marcia Daiane Moraes

Herb mate Charme drinker

Oh if I fall in the midst of so much herbs, I sleep and wake up drinking mate #charmebestchimarrao

Luessi Braga

Herb mate Pantanal drinker

I’ve been drinking Pantanal for many years, delicious herb.

Luessi Braga

Mate herb Pantanal and Charme drinker

Charme e Pantanal, marcas de qualidade comprovado no sabor e na cor