Find out how it all started

It was founded in 1986, Indústria Ervateira Bonetes Ltda was settled in Planalto Norte Catarinense with the aim of industrializing “in natura” mate herb.

It chose the locality of Bonetes, in the countryside city of Canoinhas, to begin its activity of trade and extraction of the raw material generally acquired of small farmers of the region that had in this product a valuable source of income. The acquired “in natura” mate herb was extracted from herbs in the dense forests existing throughout this region and transported to the company where it was processed to obtain the masked mate herb. This final product was marketed with herbs located in Rio Grande do Sul where this product was transformed into mate herb for “chimarrão”.

With constant growth in business, in 1995 its managers noted the need to increase its manufacturing plant in order to meet the needs of production and also to industrialize the fine product to trade the mate already packaged with own brand in wholesale and retails in the states Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. The owners then acquired the company known as Irmãos Folle located in SC 477 road, urban perimeter of the municipality of Canoinhas with 10,000 meters of built area.

A Ervateira Bonetes começa a expandir mercados exportando para clientes no Chile. Foi, então produzido um produto com características próprias quando tornou-se um dos principais fornecedores de erva mate daquele país.

A partir de 2006, passou a exportar também para o Uruguai. Oferecendo um produto de excelente qualidade no mercado, o número de clientes no exterior vêm crescendo gradativamente.

Pamela Gusmão Davila

Herb mate Pantanal drinker

“I only use this one. I love it!”

Marcia Daiane Moraes

Herb mate Charme drinker

“Oh if I fall in the midst of so much herbs, I sleep and wake up drinking mate #charmebestchimarrao”

Luessi Braga

Herb mate Pantanal drinker

“I’ve been drinking Pantanal for many years, delicious herb.”

Luessi Braga

Mate herb Pantanal and Charme drinker

“Charme and Pantanal, proven quality brands in flavor and color.”


Pleasing the most demanding palates, producing top quality mate herb attentive to all the details that make the process feasible.


Being a reference in the sector in which it operates as synonymous with trust and reliability.


People – We value them first because we make a product by means of commitment and responsibility to people we want to see satisfied.

Qualidade, acreditamos em melhoria contínua e procuramos aperfeiçoar todos os dias os nossos níveis de qualidade.

Trust – we seek the trust and partnership of our employees, customers and suppliers.

Sustentabilidade, para a realização de nossos fins nos preocupamos com a sustentabilidade social, ambiental, econômica e cultural.