Mestre Ervateiro

Only Bonetes has it!

Wake up, heat the water, prepare the mate and enjoy a unique moment. This is the tradition of many people from the south of our Brazil, but behind this culture there is a great history.

Bonetes is directly linked to this culture. Our founder comes from a family that for 4 generations has been dedicated to knowing and providing the best way to bring the taste of true yerba mate to people's lives. We go beyond the tradition of offering a good mate, we are dedicated to providing the culture experience.

Our Mestre Ervateiro traveled throughout southern Brazil to discover the best herbs in the world, which are located in the northern region of Santa Catarina and southern Paraná. And it is from this region that Bonetes' erva mate comes from, 100% native, harvested with the care and technique developed for more than 40 years.

And do you know what Mestre Ervateiro discovered? What almost everyone already knew: yerba mate is not all the same! Yes, the flavor changes, the color changes, and that depends on the soil, the climate, the care taken with the harvest and production! To enjoy the best of chimarrão, we need to know how to recognize these differences! Once you taste a thick, frontier-style yerba mate, even the smooth flavor of a 100% native yerba mate and shaded by araucarias.

Welcome to the world of yerba mate, welcome to the world of the mestre ervateiro bonetes!


Shaded and selected yerba mate, produced with high quality standards. The perfect drying to bring the best aroma and flavor of ripe leaves straight to your mate gourd. The exact balance among the leaves and stalks.

Product Mix:

Yerba Mate that has cultivated the gaucho tradition for over 40 years. A frontier-style recipe that is inspired by the values of the far south.

Product Mix:

Soft Charm

Traditional Charm

Matured to a high standard, from the best natural herbs in Brazil. It represents the indigenous essence of the culture and history of yerba mate, which nowadays brings friends and family together to share the good moments of life.

Product Mix:

Uruguayan Standard

Coarse Ground